About Pop Art Gear

Pop Art Gear was created and is dedicated to the creative talents of independent artists and independent publishers.

Our mission is to help them promote their creativity and talents by offering their artwork on the media of Direct To Garment printed fashion apparel.

We are proud to feature the creative talents of Basil Gogos, Bill Maus, Bill Reinhold, Billy Tucci, Ben Dunn, Brian Lau, Joseph Michael Linsner, Michael T Gilbert, Mike Allred, Mike Baron, Mike Grell, Nat Jones, Paul Gulacy, Steve Rude, Timothy Truman, Val Mayerik and William Skaar.

We are proud to feature the creative Independent publishing companies Charlton Neo Comics, Ink Pot Comix, Rapid Fire Comics, Rats and Crows Publishing, and Urban Style Comics.

We are proud to work with all this talent and be the only official company to be licensed for the production of their fashion apparel.